Susan Gold
Susan Gold joined the faculty of Full Sail University’s Graduate Program in May 2009. Prof. Gold’s personal focus is on collaboration found in video games, which resulted in the creation of the annual Global Game Jam, an experiment in creativity and innovation in game development. Susan’s frequent conference talks and consistent outreach efforts has extended GGJ to over 63 countries, effectively changing the course of education and game development around the world. Susan served as chairperson of the International Game Developers Association Education SIG from 2006-2010, but continues to develop tools & resources for educator professional development and hopes to bring the lessons of game education to emerging game development communities. Susan has orchestrated numerous game education conferences including the Education Summit at GDC from 2006-2010 and the Federal Games Working Group Summit at Games for Change in 2012. Susan has been consulting with the Office of Science & Technology Policy at the White House with projects like Apps for Healthy Kids, STEM education initiative and now, the Federal Working Group in Games. Susan got her start and organizational skills as a community activist in her hometown of Chicago. Her artwork, writing and ideas have been featured in numerous universities, galleries, museums and publications.

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