Leigh Hallisey
Creative Director, FableVision
As FableVision’s Creative Director, Leigh often stays with projects from inception to launch — helping come up with “the big idea,” and working with the production team to bring the client’s vision to fruition. Her philosophy is to harness popular culture to increase relevance and personal meaning, enhance learning, and encourage behavior changes. Before joining FableVision in 2007, Hallisey was an adjunct professor in the Film and Television Department of Boston University’s College of Communication for seven years, teaching classes on television, media studies, and popular culture. She was also Boston University’s media spokesperson on popular culture issues and trends, and continues to be a “pop culture expert” for Boston news outlets. In 2001, while at BU, she teamed up with FableVision to launch the LIA (Light in Action) Project, a partnership between FableVision and BU to spark girls’ interest in science and technology by using media and popular culture.

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