Elizabeth Sarquis
Founder and CEO, Global Gaming Initiative
Elizabeth Sarquis is the founder and CEO of Global Gaming Initiative (GGI). Her company’s mission is to connect people to causes using the vehicle of mobile gaming to stimulate upward mobility in the developing world. Elizabeth looks for business solutions to impact social issues that impede global growth and progression. Through GGI, she has developed a model that offers an innovative, inclusive opportunity at collective social change through micro giving on a mobile platform.

Elizabeth’s ultimate aspiration is to usher the smartphone generation into a place of tenacious, impactful adulthood. Her belief in the youth of today as the leaders of tomorrow has guided much of her work over the years and affirms her continued desire to help young people attain freedom and mobility both here and abroad.

Prior to NEDA, Elizabeth championed eating disorder prevention at a local level with the Melrose Institute. She brought the idea of the play “Running on Empty” to her fellow board members, resulting in its performance at world-renowned Guthrie Theater. The show brought to life the pressures facing a teenage athlete before a live audience.

Prior to her current social venture, Elizabeth explored a not-for-profit project titled “AllYouSay.” Elizabeth’s brainchild encouraged teens to talk about taboo social issues that typically get swept under the rug, using film to prompt open forum discussion. The yearlong project resulted in a thought-provoking short film, which was premiered before a peer-moderated talk-back session that elicited the thoughts and opinions of a teen audience. The film, “New Girl,” can be found at AllYouSay.com.

From 1999 to 2004, Elizabeth worked at the United Way identifying challenges facing kids 6 to 12 and developing strategies to ensure that these kids were on the road to success. In 2002, Elizabeth teamed with Governor Jesse Ventura on a yearlong campaign for United Way’s booster seat advocacy program.

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