Barbara Chamberlin, PhD
Project Director, Learning Games Lab, New Mexico State University
TWITTER: @bchamber
Barbara Chamberlin develops educational games with her team at New Mexico State University‚Äôs Learning Games Lab. In her 20 years of game development she’s wrestled with the same issues all serious games developers do: integrating content with engaging game play; making educational games feel less ‘educational’; securing funding with grants and contracts; and managing teams of educators, creative artists and evaluators. The Learning Games Lab develops games on a wide variety of content, from food safety in Chinese restaurants to independent and dependent variables in science experiments. Current projects include a suite of math games and resources for mid-school learners in the “Math Snacks” project, socially persuasive animations on handwashing, nutrition iPad apps, and classroom tools to help keep college students in science majors. The Learning Games Lab also serves as a research space for extensive formative testing of games in development.

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