Alejandro José Fenn
Alejandro Fenn has been a member of the Global Gaming Initiative team since its founding. His work in Ecuador through the organization Free The Children in 2010 planted the seed that ultimately became GGI.

Alongside his mother, Elizabeth Sarquis, his work has brought to fruition the company mission of developing mobile games that connect the world to causes in a fun, fast, and tangible way. Through its development, he has developed a platform for which tangible collective social change can be achieved through the mobile game platform. Alejandro aspires for GGI to be the leading force in creating a tangible way for citizens to contribute to direct social change throughout the world.

Alejandro has previously worked with non-profits in his hometown of Minneapolis, including the A-List and the National Eating Disorder Institute. He also conducted research at Medtronic where he developed a novel method in which to analyze the behavior of various metal-particle contaminants in lithium-ion batteries.

Alejandro is currently a rising Sophomore at Williams College, where he studies Political Science and Arabic Studies.

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