June 18 Tues9:00am-10:00am | Theater 3
Half the Sky Part One: Design and Impact
Half the Sky Movement: the Game is the latest installment of the landmark transmedia project, which includes the #1 NYT best-selling book and a critically acclaimed primetime PBS series. Over the 3 years of fundraising and production, Games for Change built relationships with 7 of the world’s leading NGOs on women and girl issues that became the direct beneficiaries of the game. Frima Studio, an award-winning Facebook developer, was selected to build the game. With a line-up of blue chip funders and the active support of Zynga.org and Facebook, Games for Change orchestrated one of the most visible and talked about game launches in the space of games for good. In this special 2 hour spotlight, world experts from Zynga, Frima Studio, NGO’s and foundations that partnered on the project will openly share what worked well and what didn’t and some of the main findings 3 months after the launch of the game. We will cover a range of areas, such as game design, content expertise, marketing, distribution testing and analytics.

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