June 17 Mon3:45pm-4:05pm | Theater 1 | Learning
Gamifying Schools and Schoolifying Games: The Art, The Science, and The Myth
Gamification is the education topic du jour. With new game-based learning environments being touted as a solution to all the problems of the modern classroom, we urge the G4C community to question trends before investing in them. Provocative voices from diverse sides of the gaming-for-learning industry rant against the idea that any of the models already in use are particularly effective applications of video games in the classroom. Attendees may get puzzled or confused, or simply take away a new lens for looking at gamifying schools (or schoolifying games).

Jim Bower (Numedeon, Inc.): Ghost Dancing
Black Elk returns with a visionary rant to reconsider whether placing a “digital ghost shirts” on America’s problematic Education System can provide protection against the technology our children are now using to disrupt it. Dangling participle, but…

Andrew Gardner (BrainPOP): Intrinsic or Extrinsic? (Motivation that is)
A provocative critique about the current conversations about badges and their effectiveness are often reduced to supporting “intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation.” If only it were so simple…

Dan White (Filament Games): What Are Your Intentions Toward My Gameplay Data?
A lively rant about the eternally-popular notion of using games as vehicles for collecting and conveying assessment data to educators and perpetuation the status quo (oops, did I say that last part out loud?).

Idit Harel Caperton (World Wide Workshop): What Makes a Literate Game4Changer?
If we love and believe in the goodness of our G4C community, and if we put our best efforts into spreading its mission and vision, we should also be able to figure out the “desired profile” of a game-4-changer, and how to build learning environments, tools, and communities (online and offline) that create many of those awesomely-skilled creatures in our society. Maybe it’s not about gamifying schools, but rather knowing how to gamify change?

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