TARGET AUDIENCE: 18 years and up
DEVELOPER: Team Nevermind
A biofeedback-enhanced psychological horror video game that challenges players to go outside the comforts of reality. Nevermind was developed as a MFA thesis at the University of Southern California and with support from IndieGoGo crowd funding participants.


University of Southern California:

Erin Reynolds (Creative Director, Team Lead, Game Design, Art), Konstantin Brazhnik (Interactive Experience Producer), Jesse Busch (Producer, Tech Lead, Art Support), DuckSoo Choi (Game Designer, SFX Designer), Cameron Donley (Engineer), Erick Moen (Hardware Engineer), Don Nguyen (Engineer), Andres Ramirez (Engineer), Charlie Silver (Marketing Associate), Samuel Woo (Engineer), Derek Baird (Composer), Dustin Painter (Sound Designer), Jeff Tinsley (Composer), Lyn Stephenson (Writing Support)

External Support:

Kevin Fabian (Male Vocals), Christophe Nassif (Sound Engineer), Amanda Troop (Female Vocals)

Additional Art Support by Atlantic University College – “The Clinic”

2011-2012 USC/Atlantic University College (AUC) Collaboration:

Fernando J. Montilla (USC/AUC Collaboration Arts Director), Jesus Flores Maddox (Designer), Francisco Rosario (Scripting/Modeling), Daniel Archilla (Scripting/Modeling), Gabriel García (Modeler/Effects Animator), Mayya Benitez (Designer/Modeler)

AUC Student Team:

Luis Ramos (Designer/Modeler), Efraín Hernández, Jr. (Designer/Modeler), Rafael Vázquez Jiménez (Modeler), Eriko Méndez (Modeler), Victor Duperón (Modeler), Oscar Rivera (Modeler), Denise Pérez (Modeler)

Atlantic University College Special Thanks:

Heri Martinez de Dios (AUC Executive VP, Dean of Technology & Marketing)

Special Thanks:

Mike Ambinder, Mark Bolas, Tim Clark, Scott Easley, Jeremy Gibson, Marientina Gotsis, Mark Hantoot, Andreas Kratky, Laird Malamed, Sri Narayanan, Ann Page, Chris Pruett, Scott Rogers, Marc Spraragen, Alasdair Thin, and Michael Zyda

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