Jewish Time Jump: New York
TARGET AUDIENCE: 11 years and up.
FUNDER: The Covenant Foundation
CREATIVES: Owen Gottlieb (Producer, Game Designer, Writer), Jennifer Ash (Game Designer), Lawrence Kim (Graphic Designer, Video Artist)
In this place-based geo-locative Augmented Reality game, players travel back in time to the early 1900s in Greenwich Village to uncover a story in Jewish and American history that has been lost to time. The game and interactive story takes the form of a situated documentary, and runs on the ARIS platform for iPhone and iPad. Design rationale for Jewish Time Jump incorporates theory and design-based research in Jewish education, history education, place-based learning, studies in religion, culture, and media, and mLearning. The game centers on the events of the Uprising of 20,000, a garment workers’ strike in which a number of young Jewish women were among those who lead 20,000 shirtwaist workers out into the streets. On their quest to uncover stories, players gather multiple perspectives on the ground from digital characters and events, while gathering clues through historical artifacts including newspapers of the time, (with Yiddish translation) and various artifacts.


An Historical, Situated Mobile Game/Simulation

Created by ConverJent: Seriously Fun Games for Jewish Learning

This project was Funded by a Generous
Signature Grant from
The Covenant Foundation
ConverJent is Directed by Rabbi Owen Gottlieb

ConverJent is a resident non-profit organization at
Clal: The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

Producer and Project Manager
Rabbi Owen Gottlieb

Game Designers
Rabbi Owen Gottlieb
Jennifer Ash

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb
Jennifer Ash

ConverJent Scripting and Engineering Team
Jennifer Ash
Rabbi Owen Gottlieb
Alex Britez
Keith Lavigne

Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Composer
Lawrence A. Kim

ARIS TEAM (Engineering, Consulting, and Mobile Pedagogies)
David Gagnon (ARIS Director)
Jim Mathews (Placed Based Pedagogies)
Chris Holden
Phil Dougherty
Jacob Hanshaw
Garrett Smith

Historical Consultant:
Jonathan Krasner, PhD

Additional Historical Consultation
Hasia Diner, PhD
Benjamin Jacobs, PhD
Annelise Orleck, PhD
Robert Chazan, PhD

Liza Singer

Additional Illustrations
Justin Butler

Lead Archival Researcher; Rights and Permissions
Diane De Fazio

Additional Archival Research
Brigid Harmon
Katherine Meyers
Jeff Katz

Yiddish Research and Translation
Charley Beller

Yonah Ringlestein
Jason Kirschner
East End Temple

Aliza Kaplan
Dale Brown
Rabbi Irwin Kula
Rabbi Brad HIrschfield

Special Thanks
Kurt Squire
Patrizia Sione
Rob Delap and Joe Festa

Archival Material
-Brown Brothers Clara Lemlich Papers, Tamiment Library, New York University
(flyer image cropped from original document)
-Collection of The New-York Historical Society
-Eastern Kentucky University Special Collections and Archives, Richmond, Kentucky
-Frances Perkins Papers, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University
-Kheel Center, Cornell University
-Lewis Hine
-Library of Congress

Copyright, Owen Gottlieb, 2013

ARIS is on Open Source platform

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