Data Dealer
TARGET AUDIENCE: 11 years and up
PLATFORM: Facebook, Web
DEVELOPER: Cuteacute Media OG
CREATIVES: Wolfie Christl (Idea, Story, Game Design, Storyboarding, Text, Technical Design, Management, Press), Pascale Osterwalder (Visual Concept, Illustrations, Character Design), Ralf Traunsteiner (Interface & Interaction Design, Game Design, Storyboarding, Development),
Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data and online privacy. Funded by several Viennese and Austrian government agencies supporting arts and culture.

Additional Creatives: Ivan Averintsev (Technical Design, Development, Systems Engineering, Game Design & Balancing), Tobi Schäfer (Technical Design & Development), Dr. Irene Zavarsky (Project Management, Budgets, Controlling), Dr. Renée Winter (Editor, Documentation, Community, Research, Testing)

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