Ken Eklund

Principal, Writerguy

Designer of a new breed of collaborative and socially relevant games, Ken Eklund is a leader in the emerging genre of alternate reality games (ARGs), especially those that create playful “what if?” spaces that invite massive public participation. Ken created WORLD WITHOUT OIL, the groundbreaking collective imagining of our next oil shock, for ITVS, and was Community Lead for EVOKE, the World Bank Institute’s innovative social entrepreneurship initiative nominated for G4C’s Direct Impact Award this year.

Ken created RUBY’S BEQUEST, the first grassroots visualization of health care futures, for Institute For The Future; GISKIN ANOMALY, an immersive geolocated cultural tour of Balboa Park, San Diego; ZOROP, which explored world peace by connecting strangers, with Annette Mees. He has designed games professionally for over 20 years.

Ken launches massively participatory narratives that encourage viewers to interact directly with real-world challenges and have fun collaborating democratically on positive solutions and action.


Trends in Gaming: ARGs