Workshop 1: Inspiring Digital Kids With Game Design

Day: Monday, June 20
Start time: 9:15am
Until: 9:30am
Venue: Kimmel Center

Welcome from the AMD Foundation, workshop sponsor.

The proposed audience:  This day-long program is for educators and organizations working in the classroom or informal settings with youth aged 10 – 18. Panels and hands-on activities will show attendees how to engage students in designing digital games.

The day is structured as a series of panel discussions, case studies, presentations of games designed by youth and a hands-on workshop to put educators in front of game-making tools.

Goals for the day:
- a pragmatic discussion of what skills, time and tools are needed to design and implement effective programs
- a clear understanding of the potential outcomes and best practices from successful programs, including strategies for building internal support within organizations and school systems
- knowledge of the various game-making tools available to youth
- an opportunity for participants to test some of these game-making tools