Trends in Gaming: Mobile, Direct Action, Facebook

A series of short talks about emerging trends that are impacting gaming and game design. Experts in these areas will point out new developments and opportunities.

Youth Making Games: Young people who have been making games through the many programs supporting game design education discuss their work

Game Making Tools: With the sustained interest in integrating game designing into the classroom and game design skills as transferable systems thinking, a host of tools have come to the forefront. Alan Gershenfeld of E-Line Media will talk about what this space has to offer and where it is going.

Direct Action and Impact: Games are expanding their magic circle to leave lasting, tangible impact on the world. Jamison Selby, Senior Producer at TimePlay Entertainment will explore opportunities for in-game economies to facilitate donations to real world causes. Jason Behr, Designer at 343 Industries, will discuss game incentive systems that encourage volunteerism.

Facebook: Gaming on Facebook shows no sign of relenting. Fortunes have been made, but attention has been brought to pressing social issues as well. Mallika Dutt, President and CEO of Breakthrough, will discuss trends in gaming and Facebook that lead Breakthrough to use the platform as the base for their alternate reality game, America 2049.

Mobile: TBD

Transmedia and ARGs: TBD