Games For Change Around the World: Global Inspiration and Interpretations

Day: Wednesday, June 22
Start time: 11:30am
Until: 12:30pm
Venue: Skirball Center

Games for change have gone global in their ability to inspire and be reinterpreted in different countries and cultures. The news game “Peacemaker” is inspired by real events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It in turn inspires Gyeonggi Digital Contents Agency’s  “Green Grim,” a game set in an environmental backdrop in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s “iCivics” games inspire Korea’s Ministry of Justice to launch “Adventures in Law Land,” a project that will incorporate a variety of content, including serious games, text, and video for the purpose of instilling a respect for the importance of laws. The format will be an “on-line playground-type theme park” similar in organization to off-line theme parks like Disneyworld. From Denmark’s Serious Games Interactive, Global Conflicts: Latin America is the second in a compelling series of documentary games now being deployed in Brazil. And in the north of France this May, the first Games for Change Europe Festival and the beginning of a games for change incubator in collaboration with the Valenciennes Chamber of Commerce.



Jean-Michel Blottière, Conference Chair, Games for Change Europe Festival
Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, CEO, Serious Games Interactive
Suzanna Samstag, Chapter Leader, Games for Change Korea
Gilson Schwartz, Director, Games for Change Latin America
Kim Hee Kwan, Deputy Minister of Planning & Coordination Bureau (Minister of Justice)