Game Design in the Classroom: A Globaloria Case Study

Day: Monday, June 20
Start time: 10:45am
Until: 11:45am
Venue: Kimmel Center

Bringing innovation into the classroom requires a commitment that includes the superintendent, principal, teachers, students and parents. This case study looks at how 3 school systems in TX, NY, and WV deployed Globaloria system wide. The Globaloria Learning Network is designed for deep integration into school systems. It teaches students in a year-long structured curriculum, how to make educational webgames. The panelists represent perspectives of educators, students, and principals about how they have successfully integrated game design into their middle schools and high schools for learning science, mathematics, social studies, civics and news literacy.


Shannon Sullivan,World Wide Workshop
Otis Robinson, Southwest Key Programs
Denise Stalnaker, World Wide Workshop
Teresa Valdez, Southwest Key Programs
Nyssa Arcos Evans, Southwest Key Programs