The “Demo Spotlight” is presented as an opportunity for game developers to present their projects on the main stage of the Games for Change Festival to an open panel of designers and funders for feedback. The six projects selected reflect the tremendous diversity and breadth of “games for change” currently in development and were selected from dozens of submissions.

This year’s Demo Spotlight was hosted by Eric Zimmerman and was streamed live from the Jack H. Skirball Center of Performing Arts. To view the entire Demo Spotlight presentation, visit the Games for Change Vimeo page.

The Games

    Climbing Sacred Mountain
  • Climbing Sacred Mountain

    Casual Game (flash-based game, playable within a browser)
    Target audience: middle school girls

    Climbing Sacred Mountain is a digital game based on the film Daughters of Everest. Our goal with the game is similar to the documentary: to tweak a familiar genre— the Everest expedition/ male-dominated adventure film — and offer an engaging narrative experience where players choose their protagonists from a team of talented women climbers. Game Details »

  • Frontiers
  • Frontiers

    3D Online multiplayer (modification of Half Life2, Source Engine, Steam)
    Target audience: general

    Frontiers leads its players towards the borders of Europe. It portrays a refugees’ itinerary from the sub-sahara region to Europe. The players face up to four different border situations and can initially decide between the role of a refugee or a border guard: They get to know the border zones and the life behind it from both sides – in the Sahara, the city of Ceuta, the beaches in southern Spain or the port of Rotterdam. Game Details »

  • Ludwig
  • Ludwig

    Target audience: 10-14 year

    Ludwig is a 3D-adventure on renewable energies set in a sci-fi context reminiscent of today’s blockbuster games. It is 100% based on the physics curriculum (two physics educationalists are involved) and involves collecting and analyzing data, finding resources, exploring the interactive 3D-world, and solving quests. Game Details »

    Mother Nature
  • Mother Nature

    Casual Gestural Game (employing Kinect or Prime Sense) for PC
    Target audience: families

    Mother Nature is a gestural game that brings the fundamental components of nature into one place and employs the players’ body to transform the verbs of nature into the tools of play. Both the game’s objects and those objects’ interactions are based on the objects and logics of the real world. This makes the player a literal mover and shaker — a god both participating in and affecting the processes of nature. Game Details »


    Transmedia project
    Target audience: 13 – 18

    SOS_SLAVES game is a component of the transmedia project SANDS OF SILENCE: Fighting Sexual Slavery and Trafficking. The project encompasses a feature documentary and an online platform integrating micro-documentary webisodes and an array of digital civic engagement tools promoting real world volunteerism and social change, both of which will be integrated within the game dynamics. Game Details »

  • Three Generations
  • Three Generations

    Board Game
    Target audience: general

    Three Generations is a board game designed to introduce and ignite both an emotional reaction and an intellectual discourse about the Californian Eugenics movement that transpired in the early 1900s. The core design focuses on embracing its interactive nature in order to convey a primarily emotional experience as well as an informative one. Game Details »