Experiences featured at the VR for Change Summit

Across the Line, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planned Parenthood is demonstrating Across the Line, which puts the viewer in the shoes of a patient receiving care at a health center, and shows the types of harassment that sometimes happens outside.

Gaspee VR

Gaspee VR is a VR telling of the story of the attack, plunder, and burning of the British naval vessel, Gaspee, in 1772, a pre-Revolution event that helped to ignite the cause for Independence among all the colonies.

SuperChem VR, Schell Games

SuperChem VR by Schell Games is an immersive virtual reality chemistry lab that allows students to interact safely in a laboratory environment. In this experience, players perform actual chemistry experiments and learn real lab procedures, without having to worry about breaking materials and depleting resources.

White Cane and Common Ground VR, Isobar

Isobar is showcasing White Cane, an AR experience for the people with sight disabilities and Common Ground VR, a VR experience simulating how disabilities affect daily tasks, such as grocery shopping.

Blindfold, iNK Stories

Confronting the timely crisis of free press and state sponsored violations against journalists, Blindfold uses virtual reality to offer viewers a rare opportunity to sit in an interrogation room and experience the atrocities of state sponsored forced confessions. Inspired by true stories of imprisoned journalists around the world and made with the support from the Center for Human Rights in Iran and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). iNK Stories latest work triggers the hot button discussion on state sponsored anti-media/journalist hostility, exposing the parameters of a free press and the collateral human rights violations associated with it.

Perfect Eggplants Don’t Exi-, Mikei Huang

Perfect Eggplants Don’t Exi- is a virtual reality experience about attaining the ideal body image, and failing to do so. In this superficial world of eggplants, players experience the doubling effect of sexual objectification in the gay culture through modifying their bodies to meet society’s arbitrary expectations.

Testimony, Zohar Kfir

Testimony is an interactive documentary for virtual reality that shares the stories of five survivors of sexual assault and their journey to healing. Witness these powerful testimonies and help us shatter the silence.

VR Brain Jam Experiences

An exhibition of the playable experiences created by neuroscientists and developers at the 2017 VR Brain Jam. Come meet the teams and discuss the science and technology behind the groundbreaking VR experiences created at the weekend-long event.

Virry VR, Fountain Digital Labs

Foundation Digital Labs has created Virry VR, an interactive VR cinematic experience. It immerses you in the world African savannah with the wild animals. In Virry VR, your sense of presence is partly determined by what you do. You must shake your controller to offer food to the animals, call them or they won’t appear. Virry VR allows people to feel immersed in wilderness without having to physically travel.

Digital Promise Global/ Global Nomads Group 360 Films

Digital Promise Global will showcase the student produced 360 films: "Borderline: Crossing the Border, Reaching the Dream", "Out of the Blue", and a 360 NYC film currently in production. Global Nomads Group will showcase "One World, Many Stories: New York City", which features young people from different corners of the globe who tell their story showing that we may not all be so different after all.