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Join Maxime Durand as he discusses his work as Franchise Historian of the Assassin’s Creed series at Ubisoft Montréal. Maxime will guide us through the development of Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, a new educational mode of Assassin’s Creed Origins which allows players to explore and learn about the historic landmarks featured in the game.

Future Reality — We are about to enter the age of wearables. As this happens, we will experience a radical change in our very concept of reality, and in how we use technology to help us communicate. Join Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the NYU Future Reality Lab, as he talks about the exciting opportunities ahead.

Game to Grow: How Esports Can Shape Student Success — Find out how the Orange County High School Esports League is leveraging students’ skills and passion for esports to create an exciting new program that weaves STEM, ELA, and social-emotional learning into one of the most popular pastimes for students today. Panel to includeConstance Steinkuehler and Mark Deppe (University of California, Irvine), Tom Turner (Orange County Dept. of Ed.), and Adrian Olmedo(Orange County Educator).


Cities Remixing ‘Pokemon GO’ — How can cities remix and align popular games with local goals? More than a year after launch, several tried something new with Pokémon GO. San Jose recruited more than 35,000 players to an Open Streets event to reimagine public space; libraries in Philadelphia created neighborhood maps for players to engage with community murals. Join Benjamin Stokes as he speaks with community organizers from around the country to discuss their embrace of these new technologies.

BBC Earth: Life in VR — BBC’s natural history programmes have long exposed the beauty and fragility of our planet to a global audience, and inspired interest in the current state and future of life on Earth. Now BBC Worldwide and Google have teamed up to bring fans an immersive real-time virtual reality experience inspired by series like Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II. The panel will bring together core team members from BBC Worldwide, Preloaded, and Google Daydream to explore the editorial and strategic aims of the project alongside the creative/transformational intent of this landmark format.

Minecraft: Education Edition Panel — Listen to a panel of school leaders and Microsoft executives on how Minecraft: Education Edition is engaging students in immersive STEM learning. During the panel you will also experience firsthand interactive lesson plans and curriculums that are being used as new models for education.

Mozak: Turning the World Into a Neuroscience Lab — Mozak’s international online community has reportedly sped up neuron reconstruction by a factor of 3.6 over previous state-of-the-art procedures through a symbiosis of human insight and enhanced computational tools. This talk by Zoran Popvić (Foldit) will describe how Mozak managed to do this in just one year, and how they plan to accelerate neuroscience 10 times over the next three years.



15th Anniversary G4C Pop-Up Museum!

Games for Change and Barry Joseph, co-founder of G4C and the Associate Director for Digital Learning American Museum of Natural History, has a special request:
In recognition of the G4C Festival’s 15th YEAR, we want YOU to send us something, anything, from the first 14 years of the festival that has significance to you! Whether it’s an old conference badge, a photo at the arcade, or some festival swag you keep by your desk, we’re looking for any artifact you can donate.
Items collected from previous G4C Festivals considered for the first ever Games for Change Pop-up Museum. During this year’s Festival, you and other attendees will have the opportunity to curate this Pop-up Museum – designing exhibits, writing copy, scripting tours, building games – and your donation, if selected, will be on display over the course of the Festival.
Now’s the time to give back, literally.




Networking Sessions

Be part of #G4C18 and network with AAA game studios, educators, social entrepreneurs, technologists and XR creators. For this year’s 15th Annual Festival, we will be hosting a series of networking sessions. One of the sessions will be speed networking, which will allow you to make an industry connection every five minutes. Make sure you book your Festival ticket to meet futurists innovating the social impact industry through digital games and immersive technology.




Meet the Funders

Do you want to learn how the funding process of different federal agencies? Attend these intimate 30-minute sessions where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Federal funding available for games! Meet with government representatives like Jax Deluca (National Endowment for the Arts, Media Arts), Lakita Edwards (National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Education)Mark Ruppel (National Endowment for Humanities), Ed Metz (Department of Education, SBIR) and Dave Miller (National Institutes of Health).



Open Call for Volunteers

Calling all volunteers! Be part of the Festival and Community. Send in your application now.

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Seeking to showcase your latest game or immersive project? Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Festival. Submit here.

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