A letter to our community & invitation to #ResistJam


A letter to our community

Help us shape the future of Games for Change and
join us in supporting #ResistJam

Dear friends,

It has become clear to us over the last year that the role and vision of Games for Change is as important as ever. So we want to express our enduring commitment to the G4C community and the values we hold in highest regard: diverse perspectives, creative and progressive thinking, respectful dialogue, and collaboration across industries and sectors. Regardless of what happens in the world around us, we will strive to act according to these values.

It’s our 14th year, and as good a time as ever to reaffirm our mission, and also reflect on how we can do better. Many of us are asking the same questions: how do we uphold our values in our work? What projects should we prioritize in these erratic and fast-moving times? Where will funding come from? Who is exemplifying this critical work and how might I learn from them?

Games for Change is actively working to address these questions. Our annual G4C Festival will emphasize diversity and inclusion across all three tracks of programming and our first-ever VR for Change Summit. As such, our team of curators will strive to highlight the work and achievements from underrepresented communities.

As our first effort, G4C is showing its support as a media partner for the #ResistJam game jam, intended as an opportunity for game developers to stand up against authoritarianism, wielding our powerful medium to express sentiments around government policies that potentially exclude individuals from participating in our art form. #ResistJam, presented by IndieCade and partners Devolver Digital, the International Game Developers Association, Raw Fury, and Global Game Jam, launches today and runs until March 11. The event offers mentorship and workshops from experienced members of the games industry to ensure that as many people as possible can participate, no matter their skill level. Join #ResistJam here.

But it does not end with #ResistJam. Here is a request from us to you: where and how do you believe we can best help? What things are you focused on that you believe we should be aware of? What would you like to hear from us at the upcoming G4C Festival?Please get in touch with us; we want to hear from you!

To our vibrant community of game creators, storytellers, and believers in games for impact, thank you for taking risks and continuing to advance our critical field. We hope you feel that you can continue to rely on G4C as an advocate and platform for your work, and appreciate suggestions and feedback for how we can do so.

The Games for Change team

Reminder: Make your voice heard at our Festival

We are accepting submissions for talks, sessions and demos until March 15. Send us your ideas or games here!

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