Volunteers Wanted for Half the Sky Movement: The Game

Use your skills for social good! Volunteer for a few hours each week with Half the Sky Movement: The Game, a Facebook adventure that highlights how women around the world are creating opportunities for themselves and others. The game is based on The New York Times Bestseller, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The game is a pioneer on the platform, presenting gameplay that reflects real-world stories and encourages real-world action.

We’re looking for volunteers to assist our marketing team in spreading the word about the game. You will work directly with the Community Manager on the game, assisting with things like social media promotions, graphic design, outreach, and customer support.

Depending on the amount of hours you are able to volunteer, we will assign you a project or two to complete each week. The projects should require no more than six hours each.

Potential volunteer assignments:

  • Composing engaging tweets each week (at least 30 tweets)
  • Creating pictograms to be shared on the Facebook page (at least 7 per week)
  • Making game play videos to demonstrate how to play (at least 1 per week)
  • Reaching out to potential marketing partners/promoters
  • Designing infographics to display our great results 
  • Writing blog posts for the Half the Sky Movement: The Game blog
  • Collecting data insights from our social media pages

About you:

  • Interested in making the world a better place is key to your success!
  • You are easygoing and have a fun sense of humor – we are a small office and will work very closely together.
  • You are extremely reliable – if we assign you a project, you’ll get it done.
  • You have an interest in social media or Facebook games or a basic knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.
  • You have at least six hours per week to dedicate to changing the world!

Interested? Drop us a line at contact@gamesforchange.org.


Elizabeth Alvarez

I'm highly interested in volunteering.
-Elizabeth "Eliza" Alvarez-Real

Liliana García Scocco

Hi, I love the game. I read the book, and I think it's great. I'd like to volunteer for a few hours each week.

Aly Lamanes

Hey there, I am interested in volunteering for this project! Let me know how I can be of help!

Zaib Shahzad

Here's my line… 😉

Okay for real though: i saw the interview of the authors on George Strombolopolous and WHAT A POWER-COUPLE those two are!!! So naturally I followed them to their works, website and linkedin, and couldn't wait for something like this. The best part: I have the skills.

If I do get to chose some of the potential assignments, I'll go with:

1. The pictograms for facebook (I'm an artist: blog and artwork can be viewed at http://www.goldenratiopaint.wordpress.com, and more artwork of mine at the FaceBook Group "Pandora'Z PaintBox"). And I'm good with technology 🙂

2. Writing blog posts for the Half the Sky Movement: The Game blog – I love to write and readers love my work. See blog above. If you can use my kind of writing style, let me know!

3. Composing engaging tweets each week (at least 30 tweets) – I love writing and being concise. I'll have fun with this one.

4. I love coming up with new solutions and new projects and carrying them through. I'll innovate for you once I get to know my new team mates and environment better.

My number will be emailed to you privately. Feel free to contact me anyhow.


Kristine T. Hoang

I would love to volunteer! Currently managing social media and blogging for a non-profit organization that fights against sex-trafficking! Would love to hear from you!




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