Games for Change and Gameful are teaming up!

Two years ago, a secret headquarters for world-changing game makers was born.

When we first spoke about its launch in October of 2010, the founders Jane McGonigal, Nathan Verrill, Matthew Jensen, and Kiyash Monsef would have never guessed how far it could have come.

But expectations were set high when the Kickstarter campaign to launch the site exceed its goal 32x over! Largely because many people were won over by the ideas presented in its campaign video below:

In the first two years of the original Gameful website, it saw plenty of lively discussion, dozens upon dozens of game design challenges resulting in new games, and the forming of an international community dedicated to tapping into the power of games to deliver remarkable change.

Now it’s time for Gameful to level up.

We’re partnering with their world-changing community to form Gameful 2.0, a collaborative effort that takes the best of Gameful’s last two years and hosts it in a brand new website that will be bigger and better than its predecessor.

The new site quietly launched a few weeks back and immediately members have taken to it creating sub-communities and discussions around Games for ChangeEducational Alternative Reality Games, and Women in Games to name a few. The public blog on Gameful is already jammed packed with submissions from the community and sections like Webinars and Classifieds are sure to ramp back up as we bring more people to the new Gameful 2.0.

So are you ready to be gameful? Do you want to shout “fiero” with your fellow Gameful Monsters? Are you not sure what any of this means and want to find out more?

Then head to Gameful 2.0 now. Signing up and getting involved is easy.

You already have new friends waiting.

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Sue Blythe

I've written FutureFlash! Project to engage young people in creating a sustainable, just and peaceful world. I see it as a narrative alternate reality game with real-world service projects. It takes us from the year 2010 to 2060 … lots of levels, lots of challenges … but I have no idea how to get it from where it is to where I want it to be. I'd love to play with you guys and figure it out!


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