Pearson Foundation and Johnson & Johnson Announce $500,000 in Commitments to Two NGOS in Half the Sky Movement: The Game

Half the Sky Movement: The Game is poised to make a substantial impact.

Today at the Social Good Summit, Games for Change Co-President Asi Burak and Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide co-author Nicholas Kristof announced that the Pearson Foundation and Johnson & Johnson are each providing $250,000 toward translating game play directly into real-world action respectively for Room to Read and The Fistula Foundation.

As our readers already know, this landmark game for the Facebook platform is already working with generous corporate partners like Intel and Zynga to support the 8 NGOs that are featured within the game. We’re excited that corporate and foundation partners are stepping up to use “games for change” on social networks to not only promote awareness around issues facing women and girls globally, but also to create a platform for players that enables real world change.

In support of Room to Read’s focus on literacy and gender equality in education in Asia and Africa, and the overall importance of quality education globally, the Pearson Foundation has agreed to sponsor player actions in the game and Room to Read’s fundraising efforts for the upcoming Half the Sky Movement: The Game. Players will have the opportunity to unlock up to $250,000 for Room to Read from the Pearson Foundation’s In the global maternal health arena, players will unlock $250,000 in fistula treatment provided by Johnson & Johnson, continuing a decade of corporate support for The Fistula Foundation and their work to heal women with obstetric fistula in Asia and Africa.

With 100% of the $500,000 being unlocked by players going directly to these two organizations, Half the Sky Movement: The Game will effect real change at launch.

You can begin your journey by “liking” the game’s fan page here.

For more information on the Half the Sky Movement, visit the official website now.


Games for Change serves as an executive producer of the Facebook game, along with Maro Chermayeff of Show of Force, the award winning production company producing the PBS broadcast series for Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The broadcast airs on October 1 and 2. Half the Sky Movement: The Game is supported in large part by the Ford Foundation. Additional support provided by the Rockefeller Foundation, Intel, United Nations Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts.


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