The 100 Games Everyone Should Play – SUBMIT/VOTE BY JUNE 20

The most knowledgeable game experts and players from around the globe have been challenged to curate “The 100.”

Games for Change has teamed up with ESI Design, one of the world’s foremost experience design firms, to tap into the collective wisdom of the global gaming community to pick the top games everyone should play. The results will be revealed following the 9th Annual Games for Change Festival, taking place at NYU’s Skirball Center on June 18-20.

“Those new to gaming, and even experienced gamers, often ask, ‘What should I play?’” explains Asi Burak, Games for Change Co-President. Adding to that, Michelle Byrd,Co-President, “Conceived by our friends at ESI Design, we hope ‘The 100’ will be a resource for the community by the community, which will organically evolve year after year.”

From now to Wednesday June 20, the gaming community has been invited to nominate and vote for the top 100 games at Games can be any format (digital, physical, social, etc.) and any subject — they don’t have to be educational, just great to play.

During the festival, a selection of the top 20 buzz-worthy games will be chosen from the list and will be highlighted as an in-person interactive activity on-site, spotlighting each game’s strengths and social benefits: from collaboration to citizenship, critical thinking to creativity, storytelling to social responsibility. Following the festival, the final complete list of “The 100” will be packaged as a resource to be released later this year.

”Games provide engaging ways to forge positive social interactions, model and learn new skills, and build meaningful relationships,” adds Edwin Schlossberg, founder and principal designer of ESI Design. “We hope ‘The 100’ will help more people leverage the power of games for good.”

In addition to “The 100”, Games for Change will enhance its digital footprint during the festival with its selection of the New Livestream as its new exclusive streaming platform.

Adding to its current social networks, the New Livestream will allow Games for Change seamless social integration and an ability to highlight the core programming taking place during the Festival live at NYU Skirball Center, while also adding photos, text updates, and chat to the online experience.

Visit the Games for Change Festival Livestream page at

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Audra Cummings

Important utilization of gaming.Informing and engaging young people about personal respondsibility,doing for others,health, nutrition, and fittness etc is what is


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