Awards Nominee Spotlight: Paolo Pedercini

Yesterday we announced the 2012 Games for Change Awards Nominees. Leading up to the 9th Annual Games for Change Festival, we’re inviting the nominees to voice their opinions on our blog. Hear what they have to say, and check out their games.

First up…Paolo Pedercini of molleindustria, recipient of three nominations for their game, Unmanned. Their latest title gives players the chance to act as a new breed of soldier, one who remotely drops bombs on foreign soil during the day, and at night goes home to his family.

Games for Change: So, Paolo, what motivates you to develop social impact games?

Paolo Pedercini: In gaming, more than in any other cultural battlefield, the Capitalist discourse remains unchallenged. Understanding and creating systems is a crucial skill for 21st century humans, and games are the most popular and accessible way to think about systems. We cannot let them be mere instruments of Power.

G4C: Interesting. If you could have designed any existing game, which would you have designed and why?

PP: The US political system. Because I would have made it more balanced for all the players involved.

G4C: Wow. Ok, how about this next question. Finish this sentence: The Gaming industry is…

PP: The Gaming industry is the most exploitative, sexist and crass cultural industry of them all, an ideological apparatus that promotes the dominant system of values, the business of commodifying a fundamental human activity called “play”.

G4C: Whoa, tell us how you really feel!

So, what’s next for you and molleindustria?

PP: A game about manufacturing consent and a game involving a smoke machine.

G4C: Well, we look forward to both of those. Thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions.


Have you registered for the 9th annual Games for Change Festival yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

There’s only one month left to register and we’re sure you won’t want to miss Paolo Pedercini speaking at the NYU Agitprop debate about the relationship of politics in games.

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Brett A McCall

Paolo's work is thought provoking, from start to finish. He is constantly pushing the player to consider different perspectives!
I frequently comment about his work when showed examples of how game mechanics can be used to open minds.



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