Games for Change Festival interviews: Funders, Creators, Leaders

This year at the Games for Change Festival, we worked with the talented team from The Collaborative to create a series of nine short interviews profiling a selection of funders, creators, and leaders in the Games for Change space.

Each video can be viewed individually or viewed altogether on the Games for Change: Funders, Creators, Leaders Vimeo channel.

The interviews are as follows:

Which was your favorite? Tell us below…


Kirk Taylor

All are great expressions of excitement and enthusiasm from the festival – Suzanne’s most clearly reflect’s my sentiments. All the interview are valuable comments and heartfelt. Jesse’s keynote was a “corker”! Meeting so many nice people and committed people was refreshing and inspiring for a complete and total “grommet” in the field; nonetheless, convinced that we are on the right track and while the space is crowded and the field wildly fragmented, the groups involved at #G4C are at once collaborative and open – with the veterans being clearly more pragmatic about the rapid-awareness in the space. No one there that I met had any doubt in the power or the immediacy of games or their respective ability to make good things happen in life!

mary Kopper

My favorite selection is Chelo Alvarez-Stehle’s game to Change the Trafficking Game. This is a powerful example how you can engage and teach students about difficult global issues need to be addressed.


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