Tania Hack


Working as the Sr. Manager of Production Services, Tania supports a variety of projects at G4C. She oversees the production of G4C’s digital and live arcades, including the G4C Arcade at the Tribeca Family Day Fair – an annual public event that attracts over 300,000 people to lower Manhattan – and which features one city-block of live and digital games hosted by G4C. She also oversees the annual G4C Awards – a prestigious game competition celebrating the year’s best games for impact and learning.  The majority of her work at G4C, is focused on client-facing ‘Lab Services’ projects, which range from design challenges to pop-up arcades and executive production of games. Currently, she is focused on the planning and execution of the G4C Student Challenge – a social impact game design challenge for middle and high school students in NYC, Dallas and Pittsburgh.

Tania graduated from Cornell University with a BA in film, theater and dance and is completing her final course in NYU-SCPS’s certificate program for entertainment media management. Her professional background spans a range of entertainment companies and productions including Vivendi Games, the Hamptons International Film Festival, Visit Films LLC, and the Charlie Rose Show. She is a social gamer, a lover of cinema, and a big advocate for the power of interactive media to make the world a better place. She also has a peekapoo named Etta.

Contact: tania (at) gamesforchange (dot) org


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