Four free political games to get you ready for the American election

It’s only early September, but political season is already in full swing.

On November 6, Americans will be casting their ballots to choose their next President of The United States. To get as many people to the voting booths this year, some of our favorite game developers and organizations are creating new games or improving past campaigns.

Here are four fun and free games to get you ready for this year’s American Presidential Election.


One of our previously highlighted games, the government tax simulator, Budget Hero, is celebrating this year’s election by adding some brand new content come September 12th.

In addition to the revamped engine (which you can read about here), the latest patch to Budget Hero will allow players to receive an Obama or Romney “badge” if they complete the game with choices similar to both candidates. In addition, there will be a special badge, called “The January Surprise” that will be awarded to players who address specific tax extender policies that are set to end this December.

You can play Budget Hero here.

Football season is alive and well in the United States and many fans across the country are taking part in “fantasy football leagues“.

This year, MTV is switching gears with its traditional teen-centric media campaign and is embracing the idea of fantasy leagues in a new way. With MTV Fantasy Election, players get the opportunity to choose their top picks for President, Senate, and the House of Representatives in an effort to score points and win real-world prizes with their friends. Just like fantasy football, a player’s success is based on a specific set of statistics demonstrated by each choice, such as transparency, public opinion, or connection to their constituencies. This data is collected from various news sources to create a well-rounded, non-partisan perspective on each candidate.

If you’re ready to team up with friends, make your picks, and scores points to win prizes, you can start playing MTV Fantasy Election right here.


But what about middle and high school students who want to get into the action but can’t vote yet?

Rand McNally and Impact Games have teamed up to create Play the Election. This unique, interactive, classroom experience utilizes real-world information, standards-aligned lesson plans, and high tech tools like computers, tablets, and interactive whiteboards to engage the entire class. Teachers who are implementing this game in the classroom can take advantage of multiple activities like an interactive electoral map to track each candidate, a series of digital mini-games to teach core concepts, lesson plans and more.

Teachers and students can register to play Play the Election here.
Update: Play the Election is no longer available online.


Maybe you’re so caught up in this election that you would love to kick back with some old school fisticuffs?

If so, the creators of the popular iOS game, Infinity Blade, have a free game for you. VOTE!!! is a new title from the innovative designers that makes use of their powerful game and graphics engine, but with a cheeky, comedic twist. Players of the Infinity Blade series will easily adapt to the similar swipe and slash control scheme, but instead of valiant fighters dueling with monsters, players choose from either presidential candidate and duke it out with microphones, rubber chickens, witty quotes, and ridiculous outfits.

If you need a quick and quirky break from the political news cycle, you can download VOTE!!! for free on the iTunes store.


If these games are any indication, it won’t be uncommon for even more politicians, organizations, and game designers to release political themed games in the future.

While this list is current, it’s far from exhaustive. We’d love to know more about what are some of YOUR favorite politically themed games.

Let us know in the comments.


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    i want this games

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    Need that game! Take my money!

  3. Ai Ling Chow says:

    Have you tried Election Manager 2016?

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