#G4C2011 blog round up

Games for Change Festival 2011

The 8th Annual Games for Change Festival is now over!

During the Festival, it was impressive how active the #G4C2011 twitter feed was and now that we have time to catch our breath and look over our e-mails, we’re reading over all the amazing blog posts, wrap ups, and photos sent in from our wonderful community.

So you can catch up, here is a large list of some of the best blog posts we’ve found so far:

• After Ellen – A report from The Games 4 Change festival
• BlogHer – Seeing Games in a New Light
• Business Insider – Al Gore: ‘Games Have Arrived As A Mass Medium’
• Edmodo – Games for Change is a Game Changer
• Gamasutra – The State Of Games For Social Good In 2011 and [Jesse] Schell On Games’ Power For Peace
• Game Politics – Games for Change Festival Invades NYC
• Huffington Post – Al Gore: “Games are the New Normal”
• Joystiq – Newell sees no distinction ‘between games and educational games’
• Kill Screen – Games for Change 2011: Furniture Forest
• Knight Foundation Blog – Impact of games on engaged communities illustrated
• Nature – Serious games: playing for a better world
• Tree Hugger – If Climate Change Were a Video Game, This is How You’d Beat It
• Triple Pundit – Video Games Offer New Platform for Engaging with Customers and Communities

What did we miss? Send us articles that were not in this round-up in the comments.


3 Responses to #G4C2011 blog round up

  1. rikomatic says:

    My modest contribution: http://www.betterverse.org/2011/06/games-for-change-festival-day-1-al-gore-the-gamer-supporting-returning-vets-and-making-civics-fun.html

  2. Celie says:

    A great learning experience for a cause-marketer from Boston. Our contribution to the conversation: http://www.causemedia.com/connect : “Alternate Reality Saving Our Reality: What Games Could Mean for Your Cause”

  3. Barry says:

    Here: http://www.olpglobalkids.org/2011/06/q_a_with_jessy_jo_at_the_2011.html
    and then here:

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